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Download the B5 Star Fury Pilot Mission Pack (188mb)

Download the Earth Brakiri War Campaign (346mb)

The Earth Brakiri War was released on Monday 28th July 2008. A problem has now been fixed with mission Midnight Run, please install the patch to fix the problem.

Installation Instructions:

Just Double click on the .exe file when it has finished downloading. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the install (This my take some time) After Installing load up The Babylon Project 3.4b final and go to campaign. Select the Earth Brakiri War campaign then click on select, to start the campaign click continue.

To play the missions from - Babylon 5 Star Fury Pilot - then go to the tech room and select the single player missions in the mission simulator.

If you have any more installation queries please visit the forums.

Watch EBW Credit Roll (15mb avi - xvid)


We Hope You Enjoy The Game.

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